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The Halo and the Devil

“Damn you, halo effect! It’s hardly my fault I came out this ugly…”

You know what it’s like, readers. You go through life and all the pretty people get everything and you get jack all. I’m a rather ugly duckling. But you know what I always say. A duckling is still a baby duck. There’s a word for this. Two, in fact. The Halo Effect. Hang on, that’s three. This is a remarkable term. The more attractive or appealing something is, the more favourably it will be evaluated or the more sympathetically it will be treated. I know! Who knew there was a word for this, huh? The hotter you are, the more you get. Basically, that’s what the scientists are really telling us. Of course, they can’t actually say that because they’re scientists and not frat boys, but still, it’s the gist of what they’re saying…

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