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1. The ability to sit through or tolerate something boring.

‘He never dallied with the image, beloved of the Renaissance, of the lean and shrunk-shanked scholar, possessed of infinite Sitzfleisch and inured to pain.’ Flesh in the Age of Reason (2004), Roy Porter.

You’ve been in this kind of meeting or lecture before, haven’t you? I remember attending a planning meeting in a room full of architects and it needn’t be said that I lacked any kind of Sitzfleisch. I fell asleep. One must possess this skill if one wants to be an architect. The ability to sit still and get the job done. To endure an activity. To carry on when the weight of boredom has crushed your soul. To persist and endure to the bitter end. We have Germany to thank for this word. It’s the tip of an iceberg, readers. They invented the word kummerspeck, after all. Literally translated as ‘grief bacon’. They are good at coming up with these kooky concepts…

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