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Eftsoons My Jentacular Endeavours


1. Pertaining to breakfast.

‘To valetudinarians and others, the following method of making coffee for breakfast is earnestly recommended, as a most wholesome and pleasant jentacular beverage.’ The New Family Receipt-Book (1820), John Murray.

Oh, I feel sorry for this word. It’s been around for so very long. Recently, it has experienced something of a resurgence. And whilst that should be a wonderful thing, it’s not. It’s all too easily mocked. Most people take one look at that definition and start laughing. Why the hell was such a pathetic and useless word ever created? Even the experts say this word has no place. And that’s not right. That needs to change. Because this word is far more useful than initially seems. Take a look at that quote above. A jentacular beverage. Might not be entirely necessary, but it sure is wonderful. After all, language is art. If you add rules, order and logic, you destroy it. Jentacular is a prime example of sticking your middle finger up at that establishment…

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