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The Furphy and the Scuttlebutt


  1. A rumour, or an erroneous or improbable story, but usually claimed to be absolute fact.

‘Gartrell and Faulkner also released Maurie Daly’s letter, which was sent to us on Monday, to the media, putting the Liverpool furphies to rest.’
The Latham Diaries (2005), Mark Latham.

Australia. Home to a wonderfully eclectic bunch of people with wonderfully eclectic words. And furphy is one. A furphy is a story, one riddled with inaccuracy, one completely improbable. But a story people believe nonetheless. It might be some adventure that crazy friend we all have went on, one so unbelievable one struggles to fathom how it could possibly be true. But that friend is so crazy, you believe it. Until it becomes legendry, almost factually accurate. This is what a furphy is, and it comes from the most obvious place imaginable. A water cart company. What? Hey, I find that believable. We are dealing with Australia here, after all…

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