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A Room Before a Room Full of Beer


1. A room before or in front of another room.

The definition here is what first attracted me to this word. It is incredibly odd. A room before a room. Isn’t that most rooms? Certainly is if you count a hallway as a room, or even a corridor. Heck, both meet the criteria of ‘room’, surely. I’ve been a bit cheeky here, because the better word for this is antechamber. Anteroom came first and as such, I’ve went for it. But antechamber may give you more of a greater clue as to what this word is all about. It’s certainly a very grandiose word.

In big, country houses, the anteroom is quite common. A small room leading to a larger room. It’s quite hard to explain, actually. This smaller room serves as an entryway into the larger one. Like the prelude to a book. It warms you up. It gets you interested. It’s the starter before the main course, a grandiose, ornate, golden lined room of utter luxury. But it doesn’t always mean this. It can also be a room off a main room. A smaller, more private room, used for meetings or congregation. So, you’d have the main room, maybe there’s a party, and off the main room, there’s a small room, where a group of the party go to discuss something. And that’s what it’s used for. It’s the anteroom. But as I say, it’s rarely used this way, it’s almost always used as the name for a room before a room.

The word isn’t common, and you’d think it’s beyond the reach of the non-millionaire populous. Not so. It is used in theme parks. It’s an area visitors are told of a ride. So, if there’s some sort of major ride, it may come with a story or a history, and there’d be a little room or area before it to tell you about it. This is also an anteroom. So it still has a place in this little world of ours.

Anteroom. A room before a room.

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