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The Heavenly Worthlessness


1. A worthless conversation, where nothing is explained or elaborated upon.

‘There is always a bit of jovial nonversation at the newsstand’, Nabokov, His Life in Part (1977), Andrew Field.

Deep underground, Oxford English Dictionary hold a dark secret. Locked away from prying eyes, guarded by thick steel doors, the type with a wheel and retina recognition, is a vault. Waterproof, bombproof and wordie-proof. Nobody can get inside. Nobody can see inside. All except the head-honcho. Decked out in a fancy suit and probably wearing an eye-patch. I wouldn’t be surprised if he owned a white cat. This man is privileged to something we’ll never see. The Oxford English Dictionary’s ‘word vault’. Am I’m not joking, it genuinely exists. Seriously. It is a real thing. Of course, I may have slightly elaborated on what form it may take, but it’s a genuine secret. Of course, the eye-patch guy is certainly real. I imagine he’s the sort of chap who runs OED. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, to be honest…

In this vault are thousands of words. All deemed to be ‘good’ yet ‘irrelevant’ to today’s language. These are words Oxford love, but think they’re just not ‘relevant’ to today’s world. They don’t serve a purpose. Nonversation is one such word. Widely in use, for a very long time, but Oxford persists in their Bond villain-esque ways to harbour it deep underground. They don’t think it’s good enough. Yet. Well no more! Let’s free this gem.

This is a meaningless conversation. One without purpose. One that goes nowhere. A worthless conversation. Wherein nothing is elaborated upon. There is no logic to it. It is not illuminating at all. A complete nicety, a waste of time. A brilliant word, I think you’ll agree.

Nonversation. A ‘non-conversation’.

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